Gulper Shark

Centrophorus granulosus WHAT TO LOOK FOR This shark has a smooth skin (block-shaped denticles wide spaced but not overlapping). It has a rather short and thick snout, and its first dorsal fin is quite short and high, with the second being almost as high with a spine base over its inner pelvic … Read more about Gulper Shark

Bull Shark

Carcharhinus leucas WHAT TO LOOK FORA stocky heavy-bodied gray shark with a short bluntly-rounded snout. COLORGray with a faint white band on its flank. The fin tips of young sharks are often dusky. Sometimes a bull shark's back appears grazed, but these areas are actually bald patches caused by … Read more about Bull Shark

Bahamas Sawshark

Pristiophorus schroederi Sawsharks have a long and flat saw-like rostrum studded with teeth. They are small slender sharks with flattened heads and a pair or barbels beneath the rostrum. They are found only on continental and insular shelves of the northwest and southeast Atlantic, west Indian and … Read more about Bahamas Sawshark

Great Lanternshark

Etmopterus princeps WHAT TO LOOK FOR A large stout shark, with a moderately long, broad tail and long gill slits. COLOR Blackish body. SIZE Mature females are approximately 2.1 ft [65 cm] long. Their maximum length is 2.5 ft [75 cm]. HABITAT These sharks frequent the continental slopes, … Read more about Great Lanternshark

Pygmy Shark

Euprotomicrus bispinatus WHAT TO LOOK FOR This is thought (at present) to be the smallest shark in the sea. It is a tiny, cylindrical shark with a bulbous snout, large eyes, and luminous organs on the underside of its body. Its gill slits are tiny and it has low lateral keels on its caudal … Read more about Pygmy Shark

Lemon Shark

Negaprion brevirostris WHAT TO LOOK FOR:A big stocky short-nosed yellowish shark. Its dorsal fins are about the same size. COLORDark brown, olive or pale yellowish-brown above; yellowish below. SIZE:Males mature at about 7.3 ft [2.24 m] and reach at least 9.15 ft [2.79 m]. Females mature around … Read more about Lemon Shark

Oceanic Whitetip Shark

Carcharhinus longimanus WHAT TO LOOK FORA large shark with large rounded white-tipped fins. The shark has a high rounded first dorsal fin and very long paddle-shaped pectoral fins. COLORGray bronze above, white below. White mottling on dorsal and pectoral fins. SIZEMost specimens are 6.5 ft [2 … Read more about Oceanic Whitetip Shark

Cookiecutter Shark

Isistius brasiliensis WHAT TO LOOK FOR A small cigar-shaped shark with a very short bulbous snout. The shark has suctorial lips, its dorsal fins are set far back, and it has a large, nearly symmetrical paddle-shaped caudal fin with a long ventral lobe. COLOR Medium grey or grey-brown with … Read more about Cookiecutter Shark

Dusky Shark

Carcharhinus obscurus WHAT TO LOOK FORA large gray shark with a short broadly rounded snout, no markings on its fins, and it has an interdorsal ridge. COLORGray to bluish gray above, white below SIZE:Males mature at about 9.1 ft [2.8 m], and reach at least 11.15 ft [3.4 m]. Females mature betwen … Read more about Dusky Shark

Blacktip Shark

Carcharhinus limbatus WHAT TO LOOK FOR:All fins except anal fins are black tipped, and the shark has an interdorsal ridge. COLOR:Dark gray, blue gray or dusky bronze above, white below. Dorsal fins, pectoral fins, and lower lobe of caudal fin have black tips. A pale band extends along its flank … Read more about Blacktip Shark

Silky Shark

Carcharhinus falciformis WHAT TO LOOK FORA large slim oceanic shark with a moderately long rounded snout and an interdorsal ridge. COLORDark brown to bronze above, white below. The shark has dusky fin tips and a faint white band on its flank. SIZEMales mature when they are about 6 or 7 years of … Read more about Silky Shark

Gray Reef Shark

Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos WHAT TO LOOK FOR A medium-sized to large shark with a moderately long, broadly rounded snout and a black-edged caudal fin. COLOR Gray dorsal surface and a broad black band on the posterior margin of the caudal fin. SIZE Males mature at 4.25 to 4.75 ft [1.3 to … Read more about Gray Reef Shark