Blacknose shark - Carcharhinus acronotus


Illustration © Marc Dando

This shark is easily identifiable by the dark tip on its snout. No interdorsal ridge, but it has small pectoral fins, dorsal fins with short rear tips: the first is small, and the second is moderately large.

The shark has a dark (black) tip on its snout. Its second dorsal and upper caudal fin tips are also dark.

The shark is 1.1 to 1.6 ft [38 to 50 cm] at birth. Males mature at a length of 3.2 to 3.5 ft [97 to 106 cm] and females mature at approximately 3.4 ft [103 cm]. Their maximum length can be 4.5 to 6.6 ft [1.3 to 2 m] at the most.

Coastal continental and insular shelves, mainly over sand, shell and coral, between 60 to 210 ft [18 to 64 m] deep.

West Atlantic: southern USA to the south of Brazil.


  • General – Pups may mature around age 2. These sharks breed in alternate years, and live for approximately 10 years.

  • Reproduction – Viviparous, yolk-sac placenta. These sharks have 3-6 pups per litter after a 10-11 month gestation period.

This shark may perform a ‘hunch’ display (back arched, caudal lowered, head raised), when they feel threatened. They migrate short distances seasonally.

They are fished for food in large numbers, and often kept in public aquaria.