Global Shark Attack File


The purpose of the Global Shark Attack File is to use forensic analysis to demonstrate and emphasize the likelihood of shark/human interactions in comparison to the myriad dangers that we face in our daily lives. With a better understanding of these interactions we can minimize the possibility of being injured by a shark, and shift the discussion from fear to conservation of all shark species worldwide.

Created by a group of physicians, surgeons, and medical examiners, GSAF contributors and users quickly grew to include marine biologists and shark behaviorists. The GSAF has been maintained by SRI since 1992 and managed since 2010 by SRI team member Ralph Collier, a respected thought leader in shark conservation who has studied shark/human interactions for more than 40 years.

Today the Global Shark Attack File is a continuously updated online resource that provides:

  • A downloadable incident log by country

  • A downloadable incident log chronologically

  • A world map of encounters categorized by provoked vs. unprovoked, incidents involving boats,
    air & sea disasters and questionable incidents

  • To read any basic case report, open the Chronological file, click on the case number (column A) and the report will open as a pdf file