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Diving Expeditions – 2017

If you’d like to join any of the listed expeditions please contact SRI at (609) 921-3522, or email: [email protected]


This is a unique opportunity to experience the Afuera (the great massing of whale sharks in the Caribbean). Swim with hundreds of whale sharks (yes, hundreds!), witness vertical feeding on fish spawn, shark trains (nose to tail swimming) and other behaviors of these massive, yet gentle, sharks.

Dr. Jennifer Schmidt, Director of Science and Research, is taking a small group of divers to the Mexican Riviera to swim, free dive and snorkel with the giant sharks during the Afuera.

Objectives: This expedition is field oriented and will seek to answer the following
■ How much time do the sharks spend feeding at the surface.
■ What are the sea surface temperatures when whale sharks are present.
■ We will also gather photographs of individual whale sharks for the Ecocean database.

For further information, contact SRI at (609) 921-3522 or email: [email protected]


Patrick Nason has been working with the shark callers of New Ireland for the past year. If you’d like to join him for a week or more of diving and hard work, contact SRI at (609) 921-3522, or email: [email protected]