Epaulette Shark

Hemiscyllium ocellatum   WHAT TO LOOK FOR This small shark was named for the large white-ringed black spot on its flank behind the pectoral fin. The shark also has small dark spots on its body but not on its snout. Young sharks have dark band around their tail, and adults have a uniform … Read more about Epaulette Shark

Blacktip Reef Shark

Carcharhinus melanopterus  WHAT TO LOOK FOR A moderate-sized stocky brownish gray shark with a short, bluntly rounded snout; black and white on tips of first dorsal fin and lower caudal fin lobe.  COLOR Light brown or bronze above, white below. First dorsal fin and ventral caudal … Read more about Blacktip Reef Shark

Bluntnose Sixgill Shark

Hexanchus griseus WHAT TO LOOK FOR:A stout shark with six gill slits. The shark has a short blunt snout and its single dorsal fin is set far back near the caudal fin. COLOR:Brown to dark gray above; off white below. Its fins have thin white trailing edges. SIZE:Maximum total length is 15.8 ft [4.82 … Read more about Bluntnose Sixgill Shark

Nurse Shark

Ginglymostoma cirratum   WHAT TO LOOK FOR A large-headed shark with nasal barbels and dorsal fins about the same size.    COLOR Gray-brown, yellow brown or brown body. Juveniles may have dark spots.   SIZE Most individuals encountered by divers are less than 10 ft [3 m] … Read more about Nurse Shark

Sandtiger Shark

Carcharias taurus Also known as the Raggedtooth Shark (Africa) and the Grey Nurse Shark (Australia) WHAT TO LOOK FORA stocky shark with protruding snaggle teeth. The shark has a pronounced hump to its back and both dorsal fins are about the same size. COLORBronze to gray above, white below. May … Read more about Sandtiger Shark

Spotted Wobbegong

Orectolobus maculatus WHAT TO LOOK FOR:A squat-bodied shark with a large flattened head and fleshy beard. COLOR:A well-camouflaged shark. It is pale with a meshwork of darker narrow lines and spots. SIZE:About 4 ft [1.2 m]. TEETH:Enlarged very sharp fang-like teeth. HABITAT:Tropical inshore reefs … Read more about Spotted Wobbegong

Spinner Shark

Spinner Shark -Carcharhinus brevipinna WHAT TO LOOK FOR:SPINNER SHARK-Carcharhinus brevipinna A long and slender shark with a very pointed snout. The pectoral, anal and lower caudal fins usually have black tips. Similar in appearance to a blacktip shark (C. limbatus ) which has a somewhat larger … Read more about Spinner Shark

Bronze Whaler Shark

Carcharhinus brachyurus (also known as a Copper shark)  WHAT TO LOOK FOR A large shark with a long moderately rounded broad snout, and a bulge at the base of the upper caudal fin. COLOROlive grey to bronze above, white below, most fins with dusky edges. Its flanks have a pale blaze from … Read more about Bronze Whaler Shark

Pacific Sleeper Shark

Somniosus pacificus WHAT TO LOOK FOR A giant sleeper shark with a short, rounded snout, heavy cylindrical body, and small precaudal fins. Its skin is rough and bristly, with denticles with strong hooklike erect cusps. It has spineless, equal-sized and low dorsal fins, with the first dorsal fin … Read more about Pacific Sleeper Shark

Bigeye Thresher Shark

Alopias superciliosus Thresher sharks are readily identifiable by their extremely long whip-like tails -- tails as long as their bodies. There are three species of thresher sharks: the thresher shark, Alopias vulpinus; the pelagic thresher shark, Alopias pelagicus; and the bigeye thresher, described … Read more about Bigeye Thresher Shark

Zebra Shark

Stegostoma fasciatum WHAT TO LOOK FORA large, slender shark with a large broad tail as long as its body. Its body has very distinct ridges and spots. COLOR The young are yellowish below, dark brown above with vertical yellow stripes and spots separating dark saddles. These saddles break up into … Read more about Zebra Shark