SRI Staff and Researchers


Ralph S. Collier, Director of the Global Shark Attack File

Ralph has studied shark/human interactions for more than 40 years. In his role as Director of the GSAF, he works tirelessly to provide the media and other concerned audiences with accurate, factual data to counteract the misinformation and negative hype about shark accidents.

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Ralph is also Founder and President of the Shark Research Committee, and author of Shark Attacks of the Twentieth Century; from the Pacific Coast of North America, in addition to numerous research papers and articles. He has been referenced in more than 300 popular articles describing shark behavior, physiology, and/or their interactions with humans. Ralph leverages his unparalleled knowledge of shark/human interactions as an on-camera consultant for more than four dozen network and independent documentary productions, including; A & E, History Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic, BBC, Bill Burrad Productions, & Discovery Channel Shark Week Specials, and is also a forensic consultant to California, Oregon and Washington Coastal County Coroner’s assisting in the determination of causal species in fatal shark attacks.