Advisory Board


Tom Campbell

Tom is an influential wildlife photographer and filmmaker. His work has appeared in hundreds of leading publications worldwide, including dozens of articles he’s written, and is an internationally featured film festival speaker.

Recent assignments include shooting an IMAX film with MacGillivray-Freeman Films. He’s filmed numerous documentaries for National Geographic, Discovery, and the BBC on topics including white sharks in South Africa, giant mantas in Mexico, and dugongs in Abu Dhabi for the King of Abu Dhabi.

Tom's successful line of notecards and posters titled, “It’s Our World Too” was marketed worldwide and sold 60,000 copies. For 10 years, he was the producer/ director of the Save Our Seas Foundation films, an organization he was instrumental in creating.

He started his professional career as a qualified Navy diver with the USMC Special Forces. As a NAUI diving instructor for over 40 years (#1056) Tom has introduced hundreds of people to the ocean realm. He’s also helped many photographers and cinematographers advance their skills and careers in the underwater field.

Tom believes the most important contribution any wildlife photographer or filmmaker can make is, “To create an awareness that will protect and preserve our environment for future generations.” Tom Campbell