Dave Grant works in the best of both worlds — in the classroom and field. His interests in marinelife have led him to the Arctic and Antarctic and some of the world’s most isolated places, like Komodo, Easter and Pitcairn islands. He is fortunate to have been able to observe sharks in the distant waters of Panama, the Seychelles, Galapagos and Midway Islands; and closer to home in New Jersey, Florida, California and Cape Cod.

Dave has written about a number of ocean-related topics and is published in Natural History, Underwater Naturalist, CURRENT, New Jersey Outdoors and Audubon. He has received a dozen accolades for his work in education and conservation, including EPA’s Environmental Quality Award.

He has led group trips and presented at most of the coastal states and Canada, and participated in research cruises on NOAA and university vessels. Other activities include projects with NASA, Teachers In Space and a dozen colleges and universities. His most recent presentation in April 2015 was to researchers and educators from 18 countries in Hannover, Germany on satellite sensing technology and analyzing ice cores at Polar Educators International’s annual meeting Education Meets Science.

He can be contacted at dgrant@sharks.org and more information on his activities is posted at:

Dave Grant

A Second Day on Stellwagen


A Second Day on Stellwagen