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Caterina Gennaro

Cat's first love was the ocean. This lead her to becoming a dive master, scientific master diver, boat captain, and underwater videographer and photographer. She gained recognition as a worldwide research diver, which led her to work with the National Marine Fisheries, as a Research Assistant for NOAA, and allowed her to receive a scholarship to University of Hawaii for Marine Science. Her track record in the field also led to her becoming a lead scientist for the National Geographic Society.

With over 3,000 logged dives and her conservation efforts for marine life, Cat has established herself has one of the world's top wildlife photographers, filmmakers and speakers, winning several national awards including nomination to the Women Divers Hall of Fame. She was the first to capture incredible images of white sharks breaching off the coasts of California and Australia. She has free dived with white sharks, and has also dived with mako, great hammerheads, bull sharks, six gill, tiger sharks, and numerous other species. Cat was also the first to film and photograph six gill sharks.

In 2001, Cat and Jeff Kurr formed Shark Entertainment, Inc. which produced Discovery Channel’s highest rated, and most popular documentaries of all time, “Air Jaws” and “Air Jaws 2;" still the highest rated programming on the network. Her work is featured in over 20 “Shark Week” documentaries, along with numerous network wildlife featured series and documentaries, and with over 30 published photojournalist articles to her credit, Cat's photographs are displayed across the world on magazine covers and in national newspapers.