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The Shark Callers of Papua New Guinea

For the past six months I have been living with Shark Callers on the tropical island of New Ireland, five hundred miles east of mainland Papua New Guinea.

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Report from Western Australia on The Shark Cull - Part 1/3

Four months having passed since the scheduled hiatus of the controversial shark cull in Western Australia, and with deadline looming on whether or not to extend, amend, or simply end what protest groups have called “despicable and highly illegal,” it seems appropriate to weigh in on the significance of this controversial state action.

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The Silver Hammerhead: A Shark Encounter

The first experience with a shark in the blue ocean is a life-changer.  Rarely does the sight of an animal inspire such passionate admiration and everlasting memory.  For those of us lucky enough to meet one face to face—through the lens of a dive mask, over the transom of a small boat, or from edge of a surfboard—the moment of contact renders us speechless.

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