Update on the Massachusetts Shark Fin Bill



The Massachusetts shark fin bill (H3571) has passed through both the Rules Committee and the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture (ENRA) with favorable mention. The ENRA hearing went very well thanks to the efforts of the MSPCA, NEAq, HSUS, HSI, and W2O folks!

H3571 is still making its way through the Massachusetts State House. It went from ENRA into the House Committee on Ways & Means, where it is currently waiting to be released -- not for lack of legislative support, but because the committee is entrenched in budget matters and is considering a great many bills all at once.

The challenge now is to bring H3571 to the Chair's attention. The Coalition has been reaching out to legislative sponsors (it has 17 in the State House) to urge the bill through and has been meeting with Committee members. Also being put together is a group Letter of Support to be signed by Coalition members, and as many local businesses and organizations as possible. We are hoping a strongly supported letter will give it the final push through the Committee and on to the next steps to a House and Senate vote.

If anyone knows ofanyMassachusettsbusinesses (chefs, restaurants, fisheries-related businesses, etc.) that may be interested in signing on - please let us know! You can contact me directly atmarie@sharks.orgor Alayne Chappellatlaynec73@gmail.com.We have a few already, but we definitely need more!