New York Antiques Dealer Sentenced for Crimes Relating to Illegal Trafficking of Endangered Rhinoceros Horns



David Hausman, an antiques dealer in Manhattan, was sentenced yesterday in Manhattan federal court to 6 months in jail for obstruction of justice and creating false records in connection with illegal rhinoceros horn trafficking,.He was also  ordered to a $10,000 fine to the Lacey Act Reward Fund and $18,000 to the Rhino Tiger Conservation Fund. In addition, he was sentenced to one year of supervised release to follow his jail term and ordered to pay a $200 special assessment fee. “Mr Hausman’s blatant deception of officers conducting a federal investigation was illegal and reprehensible,” said Assistant Attorney General Moreno. “He posed as someone who was protecting this endangered species when he was really obtaining and using inside information to further the illegal trade in black rhino horns. We will vigorously prosecute all those who violate the wildlife protection laws enacted by Congress to protect endangered species like the black rhinoceros from extinction.”

Rhino populations across the globe are being decimated by poachers to meet rising demand for rhino horn for ceremonial purposes and as a traditional ‘medicine,’ despite the fact that it has no medicinal benefits.

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