Sara Brenes, one of SRI’s wonderful teen members and founder of Shark Whisperer Organization, decided that it would be a great idea to “Pay It Forward” and have a Kidz Conservation Awards program. Sara wants to reach out to kids who make conservation efforts in order to acknowledge their efforts. No matter how big or small their contribution, each person makes a difference. Anyone 17 or younger may participate. Or, any group or organization run or administered by kids 17 or younger will qualify. In order to meet eligibility requirements the child or group must be actively involved in shark, beach or ocean conservation. Sara is hoping to inspire the next generation to be actively involved in caring about sharks and our oceans and the planet’s future.

In order to be considered please email a short essay about yourself, your nominee or your group or organization. Include a description of what the nominee does and the conservation theme that they are involved in. Include how the nominee’s efforts benefit conservation. What are the results of the nominee’s effort’s. Note if there is a history of commitment and accomplishment. Describe if the nominee is an inspiration to others.

Winners will be randomly chosen, and notified via email and subsequent postings on Face book and the Shark Whisperer Organization Blog and Website. Winners will receive a Stand Up Paddleboard Tour, Shark Whisperer goody bag and lunch with Sara the Shark Whisperer. In cases where the winner is not able to meet in person, Sara will Skype the winner to speak with them personally. Winners not able to go on paddle board tour will receive a Shark Whisperer Organization gift basket. All winners will receive a Shark Whisperer Medal of Honor and a Shark Whisperer T-Shirt.

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