CITES CoP16: Porbeagle Shark Proposal

Photo by Andy Murch

Photo by Andy Murch

Proposal 44. Brazil, Comoros, Croatia, Denmark on behalf of the European Union, and Egypt, proposed the Porbeagle shark, Lamna nasus, for inclusion in Appendix II.The North Atlantic population has been seriously depleted (~90%) by commercial fisheries for its high value meat. In the Northwest Atlantic, female spawning stock has decreased to 10% of previous levels. At CoP15 in Doha, Qatar, the porbeagle was listed on Appendix II, but the listing was overturned in the plenary session.

Speaking in support of the proposal were Egypt, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Canada, Colombia (noting that implementation by the Parties will be delayed by 18 months to allow Parties – such as China – that expressed concern as to their ability to develop the needed technical expertise), Congo, Comoros, El Salvador, the European Union, Gambia,  Honduras, Ireland,  Korea, Liberia, Mali, New Zealand, Peru, Senegal, and the United States.

Opposing  were Chile, China, Guinea, Iceland, Japan, Morocco, Mozambique, and Thailand.

The FAO determined that the northern population of porbeagle sharks meets the criteria for Appendix II.  The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) spoke in favor of the proposal, the Creative Conservation Solutions spoke against.

Guinea requested a secret ballot, and received the necessary 10 seconds.  The proposal was approved: 93 votes (70.45%) in favor, 39 (29.55% opposed, and 8 abstentions.

 Greenland announced it was taking out a reservation on the listing.