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Heartbreaking news about Rob Stewart

We are heartbroken to report the death of SRI Advisory Board member Rob Stewart. Last Tuesday (January 31st), Rob and a group of friends were diving six miles off Islamorada, Florida, on the wreck of the Queen of Nassau in 225 feet of water. Rob was using a rebreather while shooting footage for his next movie: Sharkwater: Extinction. Rob and his buddy surfaced around 5:15 pm. His buddy got onto the dive boat and passed out. When the boat crew went to retrieve Rob, he had disappeared. A massive sea and air search was immediately initiated by the US Coast Guard and other agencies. On Friday, a Key Largo Volunteer Fire Department dive team found Rob about 300 feet from his last known position.

Rob was a superb filmmaker and passionate about protecting sharks. His award-winning film, Sharkwater, illustrated the decline of sharks throughout the world and why it matters to everyone. Sharks have lost a charismatic champion and we have lost a beloved friends. Our very deepest condolences to Rob’s family.