juppJupp is a dashing aristocrat who grew up in a castle in Germany. When he was born, Adolph Hitler attempted to present his mother with the Golden Mother Cross for giving birth to six “Aryan” children. However, she spurned the award and was almost tossed into a concentration camp because of her “disrespect to the Fuhrer.”

When he joined his daughter Philipa on a cage dive with white sharks at Isla Guadalupe, he fell in love with sharks. “I was so intrigued by these wonderful animals that I decided more people needed to learn about about sharks, and the senseless slaughter of sharks throughout the world.” Since then, Jupp has been on hundreds of dives with sharks, always without a cage, to show people sharks are not as dangerous as humans. He dives with reef sharks, lemon sharks, hammerheads, and white sharks, but tiger sharks are his favorites.

Jupp regularly appears on television, often on Germany’s popular ZDF Markus Lanz Talk Show which regularly attracts two million viewers. An eloquent advocate for sharks, Jupp lectures about sharks, why people fear them, their worldwide decimation, and the alleged ‘danger’ they pose to humans. He eloquently describes the perils these beautiful and still-misunderstood animals face due to the ever-increasing demand for their fins, and the crucial role they play as apex predators in the marine food chain. He also fights for their protection at the United Nations and international forums such as CITES.

Jupp, a Fellow of the Explorers Club, is also founder of the German nonprofit organization Shark Protect and he is the author of Sharks: A Love Story.