Tom Campbell began his diving career in the cold water lakes and rivers of Alberta and British Columbia. As a US Navy diver, he was part of a select Force Recon unit that was assigned to Seal Team. After discharge, he spent 20 years with the California Highway Patrol and received numerous commendations for his service, including one from President Reagan. And as a NAUI diving instructor, Mr. Campbell introduced hundreds of people to the ocean realm. Throughout his professional years he was an avid photographer and filmmaker shooting wildlife, both underwater and topside His photographs have appeared in hundreds of popular publications worldwide, and he completed assignments for a wide range of corporations such as the BBC, Continental Airlines, National Geographic, Time Life Books, New York and LA Times magazine. He has written dozens of articles and won several photographic awards, including International Wildlife’s Annual Competition and recognition in the BBC’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year publication. Mr. Campbell has been a featured speaker internationally including Antibe, France and Norway at the Antibe and Lofoton film festivals. His successful line of notecards and posters, titled “It’s Our World Too”, are marketed worldwide. Recent assignments include shooting Discovery’s High-Definition film documentary on White Sharks in South Africa, and Giant Mantas in Mexico. Mr. Campbell’s production company and crew hosts a complete line of High-Definition equipment He feels that the most important contribution any wildlife photographer or filmmaker can make is: “To create an awareness that will protect and preserve our environment for future generations.” http://www.tomcampbell.com