Michael AwMichael Aw is an award-winning underwater photographer, author, publisher, and the founding director of OceanNEnvironment, an NGO which promotes and initiates preservation projects, and documents the status of coral reefs, bio-diversity and the impact of man-made pollution through research programs, and measurable conservation projects. With OceanNEnvironment, he initiated the Napoleon wrasse protection program in the Maldives, turtle nest adoption program in Indonesia and Say No to Shark Fins campaign in the South East Asia. We are are now working with Michael on No Shark Fins Singapore, a project to remove shark fins from restaurants in Singapore.

As founder and publisher of Asian Geographic and publisher of Scuba Diver from 1998 to 2005, he used the magazines to support the conservation efforts of OceanNEnvironment. He acquired Scuba Diver Australasia in 2001 and successfully launched the title into South East Asia and become the official magazine for the PADI Diving Society in 2004. In 2007, he founded Ocean Geographic magazine.

Michael’s work on environmental issues and natural history have been featured in BBC Wildlife, National Geographic, Asian Geographic, GEO, Underwater GEOGRAPHIC, Nature Focus, Action Asia, Scuba Diver, Smithsonian magazine, Ocean Realm (USA), Times, Asia Week, DIVE, Unterwasser, Tauchen, and Aquanaut. Michael has published 27 books, and was a contributing author to another 11 books. His photographs have received more than 50 awards from several international organizations including the prestigious Nikon International Photo Contest on three occasions.