Lee PetersonLee Peterson is an award-winning photographer. His science background earned him a position in the military where he worked on photographic engineering projects at Edwards Air Force Base.

He developed his own underwater camera housings and strobes and formed Marine Camera Distributors to sell a multitude of systems to professional underwater photographers and was one of the founders of the San Diego Underwater Photographic Society in 1961.

He now runs the San Diego Photodistrict community and his own Photographic commercial business. When he is not traveling the world over exploring, working, and educating, Lee Peterson resides in San Diego, California with his wife, Terri, and their two sons. Lee has been a strong supporter of SRI since 1991.

“I see the world in visual metaphors and moods and through the use of photography record the happiness, sadness, abstraction and concreteness of the world we live on as it hurls in orbit around a star in space.” –Lee Peterson