The CITES membership today overwhelmingly passed Proposals #9-12 which give increased Appendix I protection to all species of Asian and African pangolins. These scaly, cryptic, nocturnal animals, which resemble anteaters but are actually related to carnivores, are the most heavily trafficked wild … Read more about PANGOLINS PASS!

Live From CITES CoP17, Johannesburg. South Africa

SRI Director Marie Levine and I are in Johannesburg, South Africa at CoP17 (The 17th meeting of member nations of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna, a.k.a. CITES). The purpose of CITES is to ensure that international trade does not threaten the survival … Read more about Live From CITES CoP17, Johannesburg. South Africa

The Shark Callers of Papua New Guinea

    by Patrick Nason For the past six months I have been living with Shark Callers on the tropical island of New Ireland, five hundred miles east of mainland Papua New Guinea.  My home in Tembin village rests on the volcanic shores of the Bismarck Sea, the site of Dennis … Read more about The Shark Callers of Papua New Guinea

News from CMS

CMS (also known as the Bonn Convention) is an intergovernmental treaty under the United Nations Environment Program that entered into force in 1983. The COP (Convention of Parties) meets every three years. Its objective is the conservation of terrestrial, avian and marine migratory species … Read more about News from CMS

A Rare Find

Research into the biology and ecology of the whale shark has increased dramatically over the past 15 years, but our understanding of much of the life cycle of these animals is still lacking.  In particular, little is known about their reproduction and the early life of young whale sharks.  Mating … Read more about A Rare Find