Touched by a shark

Https:// This documentary reaches into the lives of 5 men and how they were touched by a shark as they also describe the nature of a shark and the issues the shark faces in today's environment. Produced by Valeo Films Inc. for Rette den Hai. #savesharks #tigershark #finbannow #sharkconservation #ocean #conservation #shotongates #diverite #silent diving #ccr #mothernaturenetwork #sharkweek #freedive For licensing and usage, message … [Read more...]

CITES CoP17 Report

The current issue of Ocean Geographic magazine has an article on the CITES CoP17 conference written by SRI Director of Science & Research Dr. Jennifer Schmidt. … [Read more...]

Some Good News for Sharks!

We hear so much bad news about sharks – populations of many species have declined to historic lows, finning occurs in numerous countries, bycatch continues to threaten shark species, shark fishing tournaments are conducted for sport here in the US.  When a bit of good news about sharks comes along it seems natural to be encouraged that perhaps the situation is turning around.  Yet I hesitated to write up the article that follows – would any bit of good news about shark recovery be used to … [Read more...]

Heartbreaking news about Rob Stewart

We are heartbroken to report the death of SRI Advisory Board member Rob Stewart. Last Tuesday (January 31st), Rob and a group of friends were diving six miles off Islamorada, Florida, on the wreck of the Queen of Nassau in 225 feet of water. Rob was using a rebreather while shooting footage for his next movie: Sharkwater: Extinction. Rob and his buddy surfaced around 5:15 pm. His buddy got onto the dive boat and passed out. When the boat crew went to retrieve Rob, he had disappeared. A massive … [Read more...]

Photographer Amos Nachoum donates for Shark Conservation

Famed wildlife photographer Amos Nachoum donated a print of this award-winning image to the Shark Research Institute's Winter Auction to raise funds for shark conservation. The print sold for $1,000! Amos encourages other photographers to join him in supporting shark conservation with similar donations. About Amos Nachoum President of BigAnimals Expeditions, but first and foremost an explorer and a guide. Over the years, he’s had the honor of leading many great expeditions for individual … [Read more...]

Stumpy Returns

A short post today to tell you about the long residency of an individual whale shark at the Ningaloo Reef feeding aggregation in Western Australia.  These huge animals require an enormous amount of their planktonic food, and so they travel the seas between sites where rich food sources are transiently found.  One of these sites is at Ningaloo Reef off the coast of Western Australia, where whale sharks come each April through July to feed on coral spawn.  Since 1995, whale sharks visiting … [Read more...]

Catching Some Rays in Mexico

For many years it was believed that there was a single species of manta ray distributed globally in the oceans, Manta birostris, the Giant manta ray.  This was despite the fact that there is a significant range of manta size across different locations, and that some mantas appear to be migratory pelagic animals, while others are more coastal and resident.  In 2009, genetic studies showed that the smaller coastal animals were a separate species.  Designated Manta alfredi, the Reef manta ray, this … [Read more...]

Japanese NGO Joint Statement Regarding the IWC Meet 66 (Being held in Slovenia, October 20-28)

Statement translated from the original Japanese To: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Yuji Yamamoto, Director-General of Fisheries Agency Kazuo Sato We, Iruka & Kujira (Dolphin & Whale) Action Network, Greenpeace Japan and a collective of Japanese NGOs, request the Government of Japan to undertake the following: 1. Respect past resolutions adopted by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) and the ruling of the International Court of Justice … [Read more...]

A huge victory for sharks at CoP17!

Well, CITES is over....all shark and ray proposals were ratified without challenge. A huge victory for sharks at CoP17! Other proposals we’ve championed - the movement of all pangolin species to Appendix I, blocking all trade in African grey parrots, the failure to reopen ivory markets in Namibia and Zimbabwe - were also ratified. Your SRI representatives (, along with folks from Sea Save (, Aquameridian (, Pretoma … [Read more...]


In a packed conference room yesterday, the CITES membership voted to continue to protect the African elephant and limit future trade in elephant ivory, but voting failed to move all remaining elephant populations to CITES Appendix I. Three proposals were introduced at CoP17 concerning trade in elephant products. Proposals #14 and #15 were introduced by Namibia and Zimbabwe, respectively, asking to exempt their countries from existing CITES restrictions on trade in ivory stockpiles and live … [Read more...]