Veggie Sharks

Sharks are assumed to be carnivores, eating a high-protein diet of mammals, fish and other marine animals.  Most of the food animals eat is broken down by enzymes in their guts, often with the assistance of helpful bacteria.  Digestive enzymes are optimized for a certain type of diet, so the gut of … Read more about Veggie Sharks

Jelly Sharks

About a year ago I was in the Gulf of California, Mexico, studying the whale sharks that aggregate there each spring.  While patrolling the area of Bahia de La Paz by panga looking for whale sharks, we found ourselves in the midst of an amazing number of what appeared to be bright blue floating … Read more about Jelly Sharks

High Connectivity and Low Diversity in Megamouth Sharks

The megamouth is one of the rarest sharks in the world.  Surprisingly for an animal that can reach 7 meters in length, it was described only in 1983, and only ~100 specimens have been found.  This is largely because it is a deep-water species, spending days at 200 meters or more, but rising close to … Read more about High Connectivity and Low Diversity in Megamouth Sharks

Another Reason (If You Needed One) Not to Eat Shark

Shark meat consumption is bad for sharks of course, millions of sharks are killed each year for the shark meat and fin trade, but it’s also bad for people.  I’ve written before about the way heavy metals and organic pollutants like PCBs concentrate in animals high up on the food chain.  Shark meat … Read more about Another Reason (If You Needed One) Not to Eat Shark

Stumpy Returns

A short post today to tell you about the long residency of an individual whale shark at the Ningaloo Reef feeding aggregation in Western Australia.  These huge animals require an enormous amount of their planktonic food, and so they travel the seas between sites where rich food sources are … Read more about Stumpy Returns