Another Reason (If You Needed One) Not to Eat Shark

Shark meat consumption is bad for sharks of course, millions of sharks are killed each year for the shark meat and fin trade, but it’s also bad for people.  I’ve written before about the way heavy metals and organic pollutants like PCBs concentrate in animals high up on the food chain.  Shark meat … Read more about Another Reason (If You Needed One) Not to Eat Shark

Stumpy Returns

A short post today to tell you about the long residency of an individual whale shark at the Ningaloo Reef feeding aggregation in Western Australia.  These huge animals require an enormous amount of their planktonic food, and so they travel the seas between sites where rich food sources are … Read more about Stumpy Returns

A Rare Find

Research into the biology and ecology of the whale shark has increased dramatically over the past 15 years, but our understanding of much of the life cycle of these animals is still lacking.  In particular, little is known about their reproduction and the early life of young whale sharks.  Mating … Read more about A Rare Find