Jerry Beaty

Jerry Beaty’s knowledge, contacts and insights of dive travel are unmatched. For the past seventeen years, as Dive Training‘s Associate Publisher, he has consulted with governments, hotels, tourism offices and dive operators on how to increase dive tourism. “My job in dive publishing allows me to work with dive operators around the world and tourism boards in most of the Caribbean basin and a few in lands far, far away,” Jerry says. “The benefits of a successful tourism program go beyond … [Read more...]

Andrea Steel, Director of Development

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Debra Canabal, Ph. D., Development

DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT Debra Canabal earned her Ph.D. in Biomedical Science with a concentration in neuroscience at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. She did her thesis work on neuronal control of glucose homeostasis and how it is altered in Diabetes. She was also a recipient of a National Science Foundation grant in which she facilitated the science curriculum for inner city school systems. After completing her Ph.D. she became an animal nutritionist for large and small … [Read more...]

Sarah Mucha, Facebook

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Captain Chris Wade, Ocean Arc Angels and SeaWatch Shark Boat

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Melissa Michaelson, Facebook

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Joyce van den Berg, Web specialist

Joyce van den Berg has been intrigued with sharks since she was a little girl.  Working with the Shark Research Institute has been a fulfilling learning experience, and she shares their belief that sharks are just misunderstood creatures of the sea that need to be protected.  When she's not freelancing as a web design & development specialist, she enjoys spending time sailing in Annapolis, MD on the Woodwind Schooner, Bald Eagle & bird watching and driving her Mini Cooper in rallies … [Read more...]

Paul Spielvogel

Paul is a professional photographer specializing in the beauty and art he finds among the underwater world of sharks. Paul is a regular contributing writer and staff photographer for Shark Diver Magazine, and he travels the globe in search of the perfect shark photograph. Paul is always "FOR THE SHARKS!!!" “I am a SHARK JUNKY,” he says. “My passion is diving and photographing sharks in their natural environment. I enjoy meeting people from all over the world who share the same interests in … [Read more...]

Lee Peterson

Lee Peterson is an award-winning photographer. His science background earned him a position in the military where he worked on photographic engineering projects at Edwards Air Force Base. He developed his own underwater camera housings and strobes and formed Marine Camera Distributors to sell a multitude of systems to professional underwater photographers and was one of the founders of the San Diego Underwater Photographic Society in 1961. He now runs the San Diego Photodistrict community … [Read more...]

Caterina Gennaro

Caterina Gennaro is a competitive gymnast and member of the U.S. Jr. Olympic team, an international model with the Ford and Elite agencies, an underwater photographer and television personality on Discovery’s Shark Week, a world-class wildlife photographer, and the mother of twins, Cat Gennaro leads a highly adventurous life filled with diversity and excitement. Cat’s career as an underwater photographer began in Maui, where she became a dive master, boat captain and naturalist. At home in the … [Read more...]